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Deep Boiling units are used to boil diamonds that need a high pressure, high temperature cleaning. They are made of very high quality materials to withstand the conditions. We supply the ovens that can be used which are set to a specific stable temperature.


The diamonds are boiled in an acid solution and distilled water. Safety gear must be worn at all times when using this method of boiling. it is highly dangerous when using acids.


Please note that due to acid corrosion the high-pressure vessel is constructed without a safety valve and therefore must be considered as highly dangerous. Once the Deep boiling unit has been bought and used by the client who is fully aware of the acids and temperatures being used for deep boiling, North Side South Africa, directors, staff and the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any corrosion or damages made to the unit/s as well any injuries to users and/or damage to premises and equipment.

Deep Boiling

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